About Nick

Nick Benger – Professional Dog Trainer

Nick Benger is a professional dog trainer in the Bristol and North Somerset area. Nick has a degree in Canine Behaviour and Training from the University of Hull and is host of the popular Dog Talk Podcast, as a result of which he is in constant correspondence with leading figures in the industry. A regular attendee of seminars all over the country Nick is well versed in the most current and progressive methods of training. Nick has been mentored by some of the most respected people in the dog training world and as such is regularly referred to by other local professionals. 

Testimonials from clients:

“Nick has been an absolute godsend from the beginning and I know we are not near the end yet. We recently adopted an English bull terrier that at the time was 18 months old, he didn’t have the best start in life and as a new EBT owner we were at a loss as to what was wrong or right to do with regards to training. Nick has not only shown us the basics of training he isn’t judgemental, he trains to fit your OWN personal¬†lifestyle, he is there 24/7 no question is too big or small. I honestly feel like I am talking to a trained family member as he makes me feel so comfortable and reassured no matter what I ask. In 9 weeks thanks to Nick’s support and knowledge our EBT ‘Domino’ is off the lead, knows commands, is eating and behaving better, and I truly believe it’s thanks to Nick’s support and constant understanding and knowledge. If you need advice/support/training for your fur baby you have come to the right place” – Katie Power

“We enlisted Nick’s help because I recently experienced two attacks on my dog a couple of months apart. As a result, I am not as confident with off lead walking when we encounter other dogs. Nick listens and has a calming and reassuring manner. He gives explanations and instructions clearly and in an unpatronising way. Nick really knows his stuff. We would not hesitate to recommend him to help with any training issues or needs.” – Sarah Hill

“I had started to dread taking Rory (our 9 month old Red Setter) out as he is such hard work, but Nick showed us some different ideas to try with Rory which made complete sense and I’m feeling much more confident now. Still a way to go with Rory as he’s a youngster, but good to have Nick on hand to help us out. Thanks Nick.” – Geraldine Badman